Inquiry concerning history of Isezaki City Japan outskirts

  <Ishiyama goddess of mercy >

Address        Shimoburei-Cho Isesaki-Shi Gunma-Ken Japan
Inquiry day     Clear weather March 5, 2008

The Ishiyama goddess of mercy goes north over the intersection on the Hashie-Numa east side of the 17th in national road the Jyoubu by-pass, and exists in the left hand of about 100m in this side of the intersection with No.50 in the national road.

Ishiyama Kannon-dou seems to be managed though in the map, there is a sign named

It pulls up a car to the parking lot that is adjacent to the prefecture road,
and it climbs the slope in the next of the parking lot.

The both next-doors on the slope has the tombstone group.

I climbed the stairs of the right hand, and arrived at the deva gate.

【Ishiyama goddess of mercy and deva gate】
It is a photograph that went up the stairs taken from stone steps in this side of the deva gate soon.

Two deva kings who keep from on both sides of the gate where the history is made to be felt are beautifully repaired with accessories.

As for worn out of the building of the gate, it is, and two deva kings are corresponding exciting doing relatively too beautiful.

Is it only I that feel the sense of incompatibility for these kind of things?

I of the amateur cannot judge the material.
However, if two deva kings are wooden, it wants the exposure of grain, and I think looking to nature if there is roughness of impurities if it is mortar.

 【dragon and two deva kings】

It is a photograph in which it took a picture of the deva gate from the direction in the southwest with the dragon that watches the wash basin.

Two deva kings are beautifully repaired.

As for receiving of the beauty a newly developed construction material and plastic impression, is my view wrong?

It aimed at the mischief by the angle though the dragon at the center was small.

Did you remain in your impression?

 【crocodilian bell temple 】
There is a crocodilian bell temple at once through the deva gate.

It is the maximum in Japan in a crocodilian bell with about 1m in diameter historical value.

It is a spell of one's deep voice because it is large.

The prefecture road was crowded with people who took the horse when becoming a festival in old times.
I heard the story of horsed fearing and not having passed easily from the senior citizen though the lower side of ringing a crocodilian bell was made to be passed in the festival event.

  【crocodilian bell from low angle】
It is a photograph taken by the angle under.

Green rust might blow on the surface, and the place where a surrounding part is lacked be proof of having been still living through the history.

Board thickness is a thin structure more than thinking.

Incidently, there seems to have been a splendid bell in precincts.
I hear that the bell was delivered during the war.

It sarcastically destines it leaving board thickness to future generations by thinness (A lot of bullets cannot be done even if it dissolves) a crocodilian bell.

 【crocodilian bell from front 】

An interesting pattern like a Brahman character is cast.

However, I who doesn't have the basic knowledge of the ancient writing cannot decipher it.

    【bell   temple】
The bell temple where the main temple bell was lost during the war is left.

A complex combination of beams where the sculpture, the tree union of the attic, and power are received is splendid.

To our regret, when the detail is seen, weathering is advanced.

How much number of carpenter Imperial prince who has the technology like this can remain now?

It is that, and does that the repair fees gather really now at the time of decreased the number of parishioners even in case of being?

【Ishiyama goddess of mercy's main shrine】
Did the charm of a splendid sculpture of the main shrine of me.

However, there is a round hole in some places when the attic is seen well.
In my imagination, is the owner of this hole a bat or a flying squirrel?

If this hole is left, the possibility of rotting because of the back of the ceiling might be large.
I think that an immediate repair is necessary.

However, is it difficult for lack of funds?

It seemed to have repaired to me with the newly developed construction material after the sculpture of the photograph though it was an attic.

It is the lonely one that the cultural asset rots away because of the capital and the technology.

【Ishiyama goddess of mercy's main shrine】
The character of the signboard "Jyousyu Kannon Reijyou 33 the 12th" can be read.

There was a note place also in the above state though the Chichibu note place was famous.

Again, it is valuable material to appeal for Ishiyama goddess of mercy's location.


【The stone of the Ishiyama goddess of mercy / the main temple back is united】

Ishiyama goddess of mercy's main temple back is air that becomes the best height, exposes there by big rock, and is solemn.

Exactly, it is a mountain (low hill) where the bedrock was exposed like the name of "Heap of stones".

I thought it whether glanced, piled up a natural stone, and made it.
However, it was judged that it was a way though it was possible to do apparently naturally by coming round in the person circumference low hill and seeing.

As for the reason for the judgment, a lot of things that the rock agrees with the section of the rock are seen.

A big stone monument of "Horse-headed Kannon" is built on of rock mountain.
It is surprised by architectural skills in the age without the crane.

  Ishiyama goddess of mercy                 →Ninomiya Akagi Shinto shrine
  →Oota Cammuri god of harvest Shinto shrine
     Takizawa Fudodou(Immovable temple)